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During 2017, Barkleyworld paid over $70,000 in veterinarian services to assist 60+ families with pets in need. We know firsthand how expensive veterinarian bills can be. We did all we could for our little Diego, and cannot imagine not having the funds to do everything in our power to save him. Even though it was a losing battle, we have no regrets for trying.

So many people do not have the funds and their pets do not have this chance. Their only choice is euthanasia. My heart breaks for them and that is why Barkleyworld is here. Families do not expect help—they are just reaching out and humbly asking. They have exhausted their resources and are sending out a desperate plea for help that is hard for us to ignore.

All emergency and regular veterinarians require payment before services are rendered and if there are no funds in Barkleyworld’s account, we cannot help these families when they call. That’s what makes you, our supporters, so very special!! Every dollar helps and shows your support and kindness to those in need.

If you can’t donate, please say a prayer for all the families with pets in need, and please pray that Barkleyworld will be able to continue providing help for those that humbly ask. Our pets are family too. We rely solely on donations to keep doing what we’re doing.

Thank you all for your generosity and compassion.
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