In 2016, Barkleyworld helped 33 families with pets in need of vet services beyond their capabilities! We received $33,552 in donations and spent $32,575. Veterinary bills alone totaled $29,073. The remainder was spent on boarding, pet food (mainly for feral cat colony caretakers), TCAP vouchers, Paypal fees and $2,030 donated to over a dozen local 501c3 animal rescues for help with their pets in need.

You have all been so generous! Families who received help have all been so grateful. Prayers to the families of the pets that crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Please know we did our best to save them and thanks to Barkleyworld’s amazing donors, money was never a factor in providing care. Here are some of the faces from 2016—thank you all for helping them!Barkleyworld has been very busy this year putting your donations to work! Thanks to your generous support, we have been able to assist many families, rescues and shelters with pet needs.

Thanks to your generous support, we are able to assist many families, rescues and shelters with pet needs. With so many shelters striving to be no kill, a huge burden is placed on the rescue community to try and save the sick and injured shelter pets. Most shelters have no provisions for pets that come in sick or hurt. Many of these pets are deemed “unadoptable” but available to rescue. If rescued, the pet, along with the vet bills, becomes the responsibility of the rescue. Rescues rely on donations. “No kill” is a double-edged sword without the support of the general public and donations for vet care. Many individuals who ask for help are on a fixed income, or having financial difficulties and have no extra money to help their pets.

It’s a fact that many beloved pets are surrendered to shelters when vet needs arise that are beyond the families’ capabilities. Pets are either euthanized or shelters reach out to volunteers and other rescues for help. Barkleyworld tries to help families before they have to consider taking their sick or injured pet to a shelter due to vet costs.
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